Pioneer 212 / 112 help

I’m looking at getting one of these drives, but since there isnt a review of the 212 around i cant seem to find the differences?!
Is it literally just the interface? (212 = SATA)?

Also, are there multi-region firmwares around for these drives?

One final question - do you still need to use a program such as DVD Genie to play multi-region discs these days, or does it do it automatically now?


@ vaderag,

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There are actually up to 3 Region Protections on a System: (The DVD Drive/ The Windows Operating System/The Software Player (eg. PowerDVD, WinDVD). Perhaps it would be helpful if you reviewed the information contained in the below Web Link concerning Region Free (RPC-1) ->


Ah, ok.
So is there any advantage over using an RPC-1 firmware as well as a DVD Region Free program, as opposed to just using something like AnyDVD which will work on any dvd drive?

3 protections omg