Pioneer 208-series firmware questions (BDR-208EBK)


Is it possible to update the BDR-208EBK with the 1.52 firmware released for the BDR-209EBK (the version that supports Sony BDXL QL discs)?

Why don’t Pioneer allow firmware downgrades after installing firmware 1.50, and is there any reason to use an older firmware?

  1. No, it´s different Hardware

  2. Not quiet sure, but most manufacturer don´t allow downgrades.


Thanks. Anyone know if there’s a way to make the BDR-208EBK region-free? It’s on firmware 1.10


If you can not get a firmware that is region free you have to do it with software, like redfox AnyDVD HD could be of help here.

It depends on what you want to do, I gave up on region free hardware a long time ago and instead opted for a external region free BluRay player that I hooked up to my computer monitor. It will work every time you want to play something, where the AnyDVD HD solution is not problem free.