Pioneer 120(s)

Ok, i am thinking of buying this drive.
But i need to know if it can play DVD+RW and DVD+R data/video dvds.

according to the site:

but, a couple of friends of mine used Nero InfoTool and got some weird results:

they can both read DVD+RW and dvd movies in those things, so i dont think InfoTool is that good as a reference :frowning:

Can someone please tell me if the Pioneer 120(s) can read the DVDs i want it to read?

also hows the noise level? which of the 2 makes more noise?
i prefer to get the slot loading one, but if the tray one is much quiter ill take that one (if it can read the DVDs)
otherwise ill have to go for some LiteOn drive im afraid :frowning:

Dunno… I got a Toshiba M1612 , it can read everything you see in the Nero Infotool.

OK, because I wasnt getting more replies then 1 anywhere, i just bought it :slight_smile:
and it works GREAT and pretty silent :smiley:

…good drive, shame the ripping speed is limited in firmware to 2x…I’m swapping mine out for a Lite-ON.