Pioneer 11D loud while playing movies - have AnyDVD



I’ve just built an HTPC and my girlfriend and I are definitely not happy with how loud the DVD player is while playing movies.

It was REALLY loud… like a jet engine before I plunked down the $44 for AnyDVD to quiet it down. Now it is more quiet but still audible… even while playing movies… which suprises me. We never had noise like this with my set top DVD player (which by coincidence is/was a Pioneer).

I am really suprised how loud it is when playing movies… and when I skip chapters it winds up loud again and takes a few minutes to wind down a little.

Is there a firmware change I can make or something? AnyDVD is sort of helping but its still loud. I would appreciate any help. I’ve tried doing some searching and learning… but you guys here speak a whole different language.


Simply said, a standlone (drive) is no optical computer drive.
A standalone drive rarely needs to speed more up than 2x or 4x, a computer burner drive is 16x or 18x dvd burner these days - a huge difference.


Well, as another point of reference I play movies on the monitor in our bedroom a few times a week as well… while we are winding down for sleep. I’m using an NEC 3550A and it stays much more quiet. We can usually fall asleep if we just turn off the speakers to the movie… we don’t really hear the drive.

So, maybe I picked the wrong comparison. Is there a way to quiet the drive down? Other than what AnyDVD is doing? Its not enough.


Crossflash it to a DVDR A11, then you can use the Pioneer Quiet Drive Utility, if it dont work there is modded one around but Im sure it works on A11’s, Nero Drive Speed also works


I know what it means to flash firmware, but not sure exactly what crossflash is.

Could you perhaps link me to the exact firmware that I should use? Much appreciated.


I’ve tried reading a few threads, but like I said… you all speak a whole other language.
And the posts are long… 25 pages, 50 pages, etc. My eyes glaze over.

And I also see some people say one thing works and others say it does not. And I don’t know what 111L is. Sorry for being a newb, but thats what I am. I just want this silly Pioneer Drive to be more quiet. I mean hell… I’d almost be fine with just buying a different drive… but I was told this is the one to get.


Just follow the instructions in the first post. Forget the rest of it.


IMHO, my Pioneer 111D 1.29 is the most quiet drive I have ever owned for DVD playback. It makes virtually no sound during DVD playback. I would exchange it for another 111D and see how it goes. Once you crossflash your drive, that would void your warranty and you won’t be able to return your drive.


Thanks guys, I appreciate the time. I will try the flash procedure as outlined in the first post of the speedlabs thread. Looks pretty easy.

I am assuming once I do this process I can use Pioneer’s Quiet Drive utility? Which I can get from pioneer’s website or something? I’ve been avoiding Nero with Vista because the Nero suite is just not compatible with Vista and I uninstalled+cleaned it all off… but thats another story.

If it doesn’t work or I end up pooching the drive I can just throw it in an older machine and get another. Maybe a different brand or something. It was only $29.


EDIT: nevermind this post. I had a problem flashing and figured it out. Will post when I’m done.


Hmm, mixed results.
It certainly is quieter once in Windows and AnyDVD is running… now if I jump chapters or change menus the drive does not speed up and make a lot of noise.

The downside is that if AnyDVD is not running… video does not play back. It will play parts of the preview of a DVD but it is all blocky… but most of the video won’t play at all. Turning on AnyDVD fixes it. Strange.

Ripping… whether AnyDVD is running or not, it wants to take 40 minutes to run DVD Decrypter when it usually only takes 7-10 minutes.

What do you guys think?


No idea and DVD Decrypter is old and not supported now so no clue how it can rip newer movies, the only too loud drives IMO are Lite On’s, but crossflashing wont void your warrenty cause you can flash it back, but seems you may have a bad drive, hard to tell from here., If not google and you get a modded one that also works on 112’s I assume it works on 111


so what firmware are you using now?

When I received my 111D, it was quiet but once I removed the riplock using the MCSE patch it played DVD movies at full speed… kinda loud.


Maybe you should replace AnyDVd with another software solution for testing…


I was under the impression unlike previous models, the 111’s dont have a riplock.


I downloaded factory firmware 1.29 (It was previously using 1.23 before I hit it with the buffalo firmwares recommended). When I try to flash with 1.29 it says that target is not available.

As for DVD Decrypter, while it is old, it works very well. It rips most new movies, but once in awhile it runs across one it cannot. In those cases I just use RipIt4Me in conjunction and it works really well. So, no problems there.
The problem is that before I flashed it I could rip a movie in about 7-10 minutes with this drive (usually about 10-12 with my NEC 3550A) and now it is taking 40 minutes. Its not just DVD Decrypter, its AnyDVD (which rips as well) that takes 40 minutes. So, that is kind of a bummer. Also, its still not as quiet as I would like. It is not as quiet as my NEC 3550A in my other machine in the bedroom.

Chef. What do you recommend? I’m not sure AnyDVD is making things worse. I get same ripping results whether its loaded or not. But with it running I am able to play movies relatively quietly… as long as I’m not jumping around from chapter to chapter.


Your drive is RPC1 now, so you cannot use the factory firmware. You have to use TDB’s flasher with Kernel. There are many threads about crossflashing, so you should read them all. It took me a couple of days to read them all as far as I remember. That was a long time ago…
I crossflashed my 111 once with Buffalo firmware. It had a Riplock, so I used MCSE to remove Riplock. But, it became slightly noisy and I didn’t need labelflash and bitsetting for single layer discs, so I flashed it back to the 111D.


Think you are wrong on the flashing back to get the warrenty back because if the techs really look into it they will be able to tell that it was crossflashed thus voiding the warrenty


SackOHammers: If its taking that long to do a movie now maybe it reverted back to the PIO mode, did you check that?


I doubt the Techs waste time on it, it simply gets binned as cost £5 to them, and at £22 for a new 112 out a storewho really cares. :slight_smile: