Pioneer 119L firmware 1.02 needed

Hi, I have this writer DVR-219L it came with FW1.02 installed but it is the OEM version, I am after the Primera version if anyone has it please.

If your drive comes loaded with firmware 1.02 on board, that would suggest a Primera OEM drive. What makes you think that your 1.02 on-board firmware is not a Primera OEM one? I’m not aware of any other 1.02 OEM firmware than the Primera OEM one…

Anyway, here’s a link to the Primera firmware you seek:

sorry it is firmware 1.01, have tried the firmware update but does not seem to work?

That is because the firmware updater checks before flashing if your drive is a Primera OEM one or not, and once it realises that the drive you are attempting to flash is not a Primera OEM one, it refuses to flash the firmware.

Why don’t you flash your drive with the much newer 1.01_120913 firmware? You can find a link in the firmware announcement thread: