Pioneer 116dbk or lite-on iHAS422?

Hi all,

I’m after a new burner and just from looking at the last few reviews on this site i’ve narrowed it down to the Lite-On or the Pioneer.

Can any of you suggest which one i should buy?

The drive has to provide good quality burns for all media.
I will be using the drive to rip my cd’s and dvds.
I’m not too bothered about speed.
And it should be able to read old maybe slighlty scratched media.

What do you think?
Your help greatly appreciated.


The Pioneer is a very good writer while the LiteOn is the better reader (and not that good at DL and CDs). You just can’t have everything in just one drive nowadays.

Thanks for the response.

Maybe i’ll buy one for reading/ripping media and one for burning.