Pioneer 116D slow burning with duplicator Acard 2022D

I recently upgraded my old Pioneer 112D burner with 116D (fw 1.09). The problem is that the burning speed has fallen from about 10 minutes to 16 minutes per DVD at same burning speed. I have tried switching cables, replacing (using 80 wire), reseting duplicator firmware (using the latest), even tried with another DVD-ROM.
I have also contacted Acard but I doubt they’ll update the duplicator firmware since 2022D is probably discounted (latest update in 2006).

Is there anything else I can try? I’ve been thining in trying another firmware on 116D. What are my options? What about hex editing the duplicator firmware?

@ Vampirtc,

Unfortunately in your above posting failed to state the Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG02) of the Media you are using. To obtain the Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG02) of the Media you are using suggest using a software utility program similar to DVDInfo (


Media Code: TYG03 Verbatim DVD-R 16X
Burning speed on 6X took 10minutes with 112 or 111, while it takes 15-17min with 116D

Media Code: MKM-003-00 Verbatim DVD+R DL 8X
Burning speed on 4X took about 25min with 112, while it takes about 27-28min with 116D

Got two replies for Acard:
Yes, we known this performance issue with 116 series new drives.
Controller will cause buffer under run and take long time.
But copied disc no data no problem. (recommend set DVD Burn Speed to 4X)

We not maintain new firmware for ARS-2022D old model controller already.
If you need better performance, please try use 115 or ASUS, NEC series DVD

and the follow up:
We not found Pionner’s OEM model drives.
It cause by new model 116/117 writing behavior not same as old model

And ARS-2022D use old structure design can not support all new writers with
good performance.
We confirmed ARS-2022D + Pioneer 116 performance is 7~8min. (ARS-2030LD 1-3
will drop to 4X)
Pioneer DVR-112/115 performance will be better. (6min)

But you still can test other brand DVD writers.
ASUS, NEC series performance better than Pioneer DVR-116/117.

The only thing left to try is to crossflash to another firmware. Is it possible to crossflash 116D to A16 or Buffalo or 116 or something else?