Pioneer 116d Firmware Problem


i am new to this
but i just bought an external pioneer 116d drive for burning my image files and things, i want to keep my firmware up to date to make it more compatible with everything, the drive come with 1.08 on and the newest is 1.09, so i downloaded the new firmware and clicks on it to update it and i come into this problem:(…

/// ODD Firmware Update Utility Ver2.59A

Start updating the device No.1.
Current Revision>> PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-116D 1.08 08/09/01
Now updating the firmware.
Please do not turn off the power and do not reset the pc.
Failed to move to the kernel mode.
Update program is terminated by occuring an error.

any reason for this???

is there something else i can do,

i could do with a step by step easy guide as i am new to this

thanks for your time and i hope you can help :slight_smile:


someone please help


Either connect it internally or flash onto another computer.