Pioneer 116 Firmware problem

I have flashed my DVR-116d to DVr-116 v1.06 but no v1.09 firmwares will update it. the crossflash i used was DVRA16_106 files (A0015430.104 & A0015431.106). Any ideas wny it won’t update now?

Yep - I had the same problem.

You have technically cross-flashed your DVR-116D drive to a DVR-A16 drive, which identifies itself as a DVR-116 but is considered a separate drive with separate firmware.

You need to download DVR-A16 firmware for your drive:

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just tried that & got an error saying :-

The firmware of target drive is not correct F/W
This firmware is not supported by this program.

You may have to extract the content of the firmware archive and patch the UPGA16.exe file using MediaCodeSpeedEdit (allow same to same flashing).

Correct you need to patch the flasher, so it will allow the flashing of the firmware, or use DVRFlash

Thanks, It’s worked now i did that with the exe file.Never thought of using MCSE on the UPGA1.exe file. I’d used it on the binary file to make it RPC1 & bitsetting of +R.