Pioneer 115DBK and Acronis

since I got a new PC and the Pioneer 115DBK, my Acronis Rescue Disc does not boot anymore.

It boots until “starting Acronis Loader” message appears…nothing more.

I tried on another Vista pc I have home with a Toshiba DVD drive and there are no issue.

The Pioneer has the last firmware 1.18 and it’s region free using the MediaCode Speed Edit software

All other bootable CD at home work fine except Acronis.

Any suggestions?


That is odd because I have the same burner and Acronis Director Suite 10 and it works fine booting on Vista 64 Bit and 32 Bit.

IT a bug from Acronis, you must go to Acronis forum, it’s a command from dos .

I have this same issue booting from my DVR-212 in the same fashion. I have since switched to Active Bootdisk for my imaging needs and works fine with Vista 64 and my DVR-212.

Could also be that your IDE controller is not recognized by DD10. I had the same problem on my new board with a JMicron controller and an unrecognized harddisc.

Since the rescue disc is Linux based, I managed to use the kernel from True Image Home 11 and merge it with the DD10 application. This required some fiddling around in Linux though but resulted in a working Disc Director 10 rescue disc.