Pioneer 115d unable to update modded firmware

Guys I updated to official 1.18 and then created the speedpatched and bit set firmware using MCSE. Now I cannot update using DVR flash. I keep getting told invalid pioneer firmware have tried -ff switch. Note I do not have the kernal but have tried with the kernal taht I found on this site as well.

I have done this loads of times before just not with a Pioneer. Any ideas where I am going wrong?

dvrflash -v

Device parameter was not given, detecting all D

    Device : E:
    Vendor : PIONEER
     Model : DVD-RW  DVR-115D
  Revision : 1.18

    Status : RPC-2 (region locked)
    Region : none
   Changes : 5 region changes remaining
             4 vendor resets remaining
             state is 'Region not set'


@ scooby do,

Unfortunately it is not very clear as to exactly what you are attempting to do with Pioneer DVD-115 Drive.

If you are attempting to install Media Code Speed Edit ‘patched/modified” Firmware there is no need to be attempting to use DVRFlash to install the MCSE ‘patched’ Firmware to your Pioneer DVR-115 Drive. You just use the Official Pioneer MCSE ‘patched/modified” Firmware and the Official Pioneer MCSE ‘patched/modified” Flasher to flash your Pioneer DVR-115 Drive.

Suggest closely reviewing the “MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Pioneer DVD-Writers” ( thread and note the comments referring to “Allow Same To Same Flashing” patching of the Pioneer flasher.

If you are attempting CrossFlashing your Pioneer DVR-115 Drive to different DVR-115 series Firmware suggest reviewing the “Pioneer DVR-115D CrossFlashed to DVR-A15-J (DVR-115L)” (, “Pioneer Firmware/Kernel Files” (, and “DVRFlash 2.6.0 Released” ( threads.

Note the correct use of the DVRFlash switches. Specifically the correct switch for the Force Flash (-ff) option. (Example: DVRFlash -ff X: Kernel File Firmware File). The DVRFlash Executable File, the Kernel File, and the Firmware File all have to be in the same Folder/Directory when attempting the flashing procedure.


for using MCSE with the 115D and applying the modified firmware, please review zebadee’s guide.


Cheers guys, hadn’t enabled the flasher for same to same. All sorted now.

Many thanks