Pioneer 115D HELP

I’m helping out a friend and here is his troubles: He has burt over 15 bad backups of his 360 games collection. And in imgburn here is his error log:

W 20:51:30 Failed to Write Sectors 1441696 - 1441727 - Reason: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

Thanks Guys for the help !

What media are you using

Win Data

get mkm-001 / 003 (verbatim dvd+dl made in singapore)

im the guy with the burner…what does this mean? it stops at exactly 50 % and says this

E 15:53:59 Failed to Read Sector 1913984 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
E 15:53:59 Failed to Verify Sectors!

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From your error info, the drive is having a problem reading the disc back/veryifying. I would suspect the discs. You might like to follow the advice of Homeless above.

Most of the time, the only safe bet for DL media is Verbatim. Any thing else can either fail to burn (as in your case), or playback maybe a problem if the burn completes.

Occasionally, non-Verbatim DL discs can work well, but from what I’ve read around the forum, these cases are few and far between. :frowning:

Edit: Very unusual, and those discs must be particularly bad if the Pioneer can’t do anything with a lot of them - Pioneers usually do well with sub-par media.

Failing at 50% indicates that the layer break failed. You can either try burning at a slower speed and see if that helps, but even if it does there’s no guarantee that the quality of the burn will be satisfactory (disc skipping etc).

@ lowridinhotrod06,

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As previously suggested by other Forum Members only use known proven quality DL Media which is Verbatim DL MKM001 / MKM 003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media.

Also to obtain the optimal performance from your Drive ensure that your Pioneer DVR-115D has the newest most current up to date version v1.18 Firmware installed ->


Just to add to bjkg’s post…Buy the ones marked MIS=Made In Singapore.

i used the verbaitms…now the burns are working perfect…thanks for all the help