Pioneer 115D FW1.18 Fails to burn Verb 16X DVD+Rs at 8x

Hi folks, I am having a problem with my new Pioneer 115D that I bought from NewEgg. I upgraded the FW to the official 1.18 as soon as I got the drive. I am getting coasters occasionaly when I burn Verb 16X DVD+Rs. When I burn at 8x or 12x I get coasters occasionally. When I burn at 16x the discs seem to be fine (at least according to the scans from my BenQ 1650). I have only burned 3 or 4 discs at each speed setting to avoid more coasters.

Any idea if my drive is bad? Would reflashing or crossflashing the drive make any difference? The same Verb media burns perfectly in my 112D FW 1.24. So I am confident that the media is ok.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Did this get fixed?