Pioneer 115d boot disk not working?

I have a problem. I create a cd boot disk for acronis true image. The 115d do not see or read the disk at boot, but the same disk work with my old asus dvd 16x reader!!!
I also try a boot cd create with nero 7, same, no reading.
And a dvd boot disk with Nero 7 , same problem no reading, just jam at the boot start. But Asus 16x dvd, read and boot with the same disk!!!
So my 115d is not reading any boot cd, or dvd. !
I did not try this, when it was new, but I already but firmware 1.18 rpc1 .
What is the problem? all other fonction are working, read, write, no problem.


<>You have checked, or changed the cable for another 80 core one to be sure.
<>Is the bios selective on which dvd drive its selected to boot from.
<>Does acronis allow you to make an iso image to hard drive, instead of direct to dvd. Then you could test the iso with a dvd-rw and different burn softwares.

Or maybe some 115D owners, are having problems now.