Pioneer 115bk, 215ls or samsung 223 for audio cd burning



Hi!I would like to enquire about the pioneer 115BK(IDE) or 215LS(SATA), compare to samsung 223, which one is a better performer in terms of audio cd burning, in cdr of course. In my place is hard to find the Taiyo Yuden cdr, so if i replace it with verbatim 52X KL774F0230980, is it a good idea?Normally I burn at 2X using the burrrn. Thanks for the help.


From what I’ve seen regarding the 223F and CDR burning, I would pick the Pioneer 115D over it currently for that purpose.

I have the 115D myself and it does the job well, although I use my older Samsung drives more for audio CD burning.

2x is way too slow a speed for modern CDR media. I would go for 16x, 8x absolute minimum.

Can’t speak about the 215, as I don’t have one…

As for the Verbatim CDR - they’re not actually made by Verbatim/Mitsubishi Chemicals, but by Moser Baer India, CMC Magnetics, or Prodisc (and maybe one or two others), with Verbatim’s name on them.

So they’re not top-notch like TY, but will do the job.


The 215 can go from 4x-10x-16x-24x-32x-40x for verbatim, same speeds for TY media.

Current Profile: CD-R

Disc Information:
Status: Empty
Erasable: No
Free Sectors: 359.845
Free Space: 736.962.560 bytes
Free Time: 79:59:70 (MM:SS:FF)
Supported Write Speeds: 4x; 10x; 16x; 24x; 32x; 40x

ATIP Information:
Start Time of LeadIn (MID): 97m24s01f
Last Possible Start Time of LeadOut: 79m59s72f