Pioneer 112d

Hi all

I have just purchased the Pioneer 112d and have read a lot of articles about flashing the 112d to 112L.
I was just wondering if it is necessary to flash the pioneer 112d to 112L if i only wanted to burn Xbox games to disk, i understand that you would need to flash it if i want to make backups of my original games but i am a little confused as to if i would still need to flash it just for burning games to disk.

I am very tempted to flash it but only if it is necessary only i dont want to start tampering with my pionneer 112d if there was no reason to do so in the first place as i know there is also a possibility of me damaging the drive.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Well, there is firmware for it, but you do not need to flash it in order to burn xbox games.

Mind you that you cannot use these backups in an unmodified Xbox.

Thanks Mr. Belvedere for the swift reply, that has now eased my mind to know that i do not need to flash my Pioneer 112d.

As for my Xbox as soon as i receive my VT6421A Sata Card which i ordered a couple of days ago i shall be going through the process of flashing my xbox dvd drive to enable me to play my backups.

Thanks again your help is much appreciated.

I got the 112d drive my friend and i back up my xbox games i only found 1 bit off software thats work 110% with it if you come stuck and need any help at all please give me a shout

If ya going to do all your game i recommend getting the samsung drive to to read the games and get the ss dmi and pfi files as you CAN NOT do this with the 112d drive so ya backups still will not play even iff ya flash ya xbox