Pioneer 112D - Won't Read Discs




Last night I was burning a DL disc on to Philips 8x DVD+R DL media. It stopped at around 65% and I wasn’t able to eject the disc until I rebooted my system.

After reboot, the drive will not read any disc – blank or valid.

Further, in order to test if it was the drive or OS, I put in a bootable CD and changed the boot order to CDROM from HDD. It did not boot the CD.

So, I suspect the drive is having problems. Is it dead? I bought the drive only 3 days ago (Wednesday), and this is the 4th disc I was burning with it.

Motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
CPU: AMD Athlon 3800+ X2
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate
ODD: Pioneer DVR-112D w/ FW 1.15 & 80wire IDE cable
HDD: 1x Seagate 250GB SATA, 1x Maxtor 200GB SATA

Nothing fancy.

Any thoughts?



Maybe it’s just the cable? Try changing power and data cable.


Returned it to the retailer today. They took it back with no questions asked, which was nice. On first boot the new drive detected normally, running 1.09. I’ve burned two discs now without problems.

I was unlucky and got a bad drive, I suppose. We’ll see if this one goes past 4 burns. :slight_smile:


You might want to update to the latest firmware which is 1.15 now :rolleyes: