PIONEER 112D - recurring high peak in scans



recently I bought 112D. As with every new burner I scanned every burned disc with Nero CD-DVD Speed. So far I burned 7 DVD-R’s from which first ones looked good, but last 3 discs have high peak while scanning with 112D (all in circa same place, in the middle of the disc). After some reading I know that PIONEERs aren’t good scanners, but that doesnt explain recurring high peak.
Anyone have any ideas is quality of the discs really low and I should start to worry and exchange drive or everything is OK and it’s just bad scanning?

TDK DVD-R (slim) TTH02, burned @ 4x

First 3 scans are for the ‘bad disc’ (last one burned) and the next ones are for the ‘good disc’ (last one burned without high peak).


Try burning with TY or Verbatim disk the disk you are using are the TTH02 are legal fakes made by Mitsui with permission from TDK to use the code. These disk are poor quality not true TDK media


Thanks for your response!

I bought some Verbatim 16x DVD-R’s (slim, Made in India), burned at 4x and look at the results:

  1. there are still those high peaks while scanning with PIONEER. Although they dont appear to showup on LITE-ON scans, so it might be just bad scanning, not bad quality burn? Or am I missing something here and I should return my burner?
  2. Verbatim disc looks [B]a lot[/B] worse than that ‘legal fakes’ from TDK in all of the scans.


Every burner will give you different results so you can take the scans like a grain of salt, they really don’t mean squat, but I know a lot of people will have different thoughts but the main thing is how did the movie play ? If it plays good then don’t worry about the scans. Just like even if media is rated at 16X it just means it will give results which will be “within specifications” at that write speed, not most optimal writing quality. People are relying to much on the CDSpeed scans instead of the picture quality which what seems like bad scans means that the movie quality is bad which is not the case all the time


Well, I’m using DVD-R’s just for data, not for movies.
I just run some tests for the VERBATIM disc (the one with ugly high peaks in PIONEER’s scan) and both CD-DVD Speed scandisk tests (read test & c1/c2 - pi/po test) says its 100% good. Also CRC checksums for data on the HDD & burned on the DVD are the same - so data OK and its readable (at least for now).
But from what I understand the data will be harder to read after some time and if its up to 60-70 PI now then wouldn’t I have problems with reading it in, lets say, 5-10 years? Also, is there any reason why I should choose VERBATIM over fake-TDK which seems to give me a lot better burns?
And going back to my original question: Should I worry about that high peaks on the PIONEER’s scans or not?