Pioneer 112D: problems burning audio CD!

Well guys, i’m new here, so i hope i’m posting it on the right section. :slight_smile:
So, the thing is: i have tried to burn 4 audio CD’s but they just don’t work on normal CD players! On the computer it plays well but on ordinary CD players they just don’t work! What’s the problem?

PS: tested with 4 different CD players also… and burned with 2 different medias.

Sorry for my english!

Sounds like you are not Finalizing the disc, you have to do this for Audio CD to work.

Brad-Pioneer thanks for your answer!
But i am finalizing the audio CD!

Can i ask you another question?
What’s the best software for using with Pioneer 112D?
Thank you!

@ cobaia99,

What is the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the CD Media you are attempting to use to record your Audio CD?

What is the Software Program(s) you are using to record your Audio CD?


This may sound silly but how are you burning your Audio CDs ? Maybe you are burning them as DATA CDs - they should be burnt as AUDIO CD where the WAV files are burnt into an Audio CD format (redbook).

I have found out in some instances the audio cd’s won’t auto start but if you select track 1 play then they all will play ok

On the computer it plays well but on ordinary CD players they just don’t work! What’s the problem?

We need some more clues. One thing to check would be whether these discs are being recognized as “CD Audio” discs when placed in your computer or perhaps as something else. Please compare the way these discs are reported (say under “My Computer” in Windows) compared with an original CDA disc. If it’s not the same then that will give a strong indication of what’s wrong.

How FAST were they burned, which exact media?

There is no “best” software… Right now my software of choice for bundling is the CyberLink DVD or BD Solution bundles because its got nice functionality, the best playback software and is very light weight. For testing on data CD and DVD I prefer to use ImgBurn.

First of all, thank you again guys.

Well, i am burning them as audio CD’s and they are recognized as a normal audio CD on the computer. They, sometimes, play on ordinary CD players, but i have to do a lot of effort. I am using Princo and Maxell medias, burning at 4x with Nero.

So, what’s the problem? :frowning:

Princo is one of the worst choice you can find in the market, Maxell would be better but maybe not for your cd player. Try some other brand, especially Verbatim. :slight_smile:

And burn them at 8x or 16x!

Right, I forgot. :doh: :slight_smile:

You should be able to burn a CD at much faster rate than 8x or 16x using good quality media

Sure, but he want to burn CDDA.

Well he said audio cd so to me that means like music cd’s BTW just what is a CDDA

16x burning also can help reduce jitter, which some players can choke on. :wink:

CDDA = Compact Disc Digital Audio ->


CDAA is just a standard audio CD. Yes you can burn faster but 16x often gives the best quality. Actually most burners start the burn at 16x and then increase the speed as the burn progresses. So an other advantage of 16x is that you mostly get a totally constant burn rate over the whole disc. I actually burn all my CD-R’s at 16x because it’s not all that much slower. It varies depending on how much a given compilation is filling the disc but I find I’m rarely waiting more than about one extra minute for my 16x burns compared with 40x anyway.

Back to the original poster. Yes definitely have a go with some different media. I recommend trying verbatim datalife CD-R’s.

Thanks guys and gal :slight_smile: I completely forgot about the Digital part, still think old school here sometimes :slight_smile: