Pioneer 112d or 112l?

i have a pioneer 112d i just flashed it to buffallo 8.06 and now it is 111l…what is the diference betwwen 112d and 112l?

Oh man, we already told you at rpc1 forum and when you use discinfo or infotool or dvdinfopro you should see the differences…

@ raymondtrudeau,

Perchance haven’t you already previously asked exactly the same question in The Firmware Forum? Are you attempting to obtain a different answer to your previously asked question?

It has been discussed may numerous times throughout the CDFreaks Pioneer DVD Burner Forum and The Firmware Forum that DVR-112L Firmware adds Auto Book Type Bit Setting of DVD+R SL Media to DVD-ROM, Writing/Burn of DVD-RAM Media, and LableFlash Burning capability.

Is this answer any different than the answer you have previously received in The Firmware Forum?

If in fact you were unaware of what DVR-112L Firmware did why did you flash your Pioneer DVR-112D to Firmware DVR-112L Firmware?


thanks guys…i now understand (sorry iam a little slow) ha ha …sorry if i got anyone upset…all is good

thanks again…