Pioneer 112D + Media + Booktype

I have Pioneer 112D (the box says Pioneer DVD 1810 and the manual says DVR-112D) and am trying to make a backup of a nav disk and am getting no where fast and am very confused. The box also says that it is a Dual/Double Layer recorder. I know I need to booktype so it will burn a DVD-ROM. My questions are: Will this Pioneer do it and what media do I need (DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL). I tried booktyping the Pioneer with no luck and I’ve read that DVD+R DL media automatically bookmarks to DVD-ROM. So I don’t know what I am missing because I made a couple of coasters last night. Thanks.

What brand of media are you using? If it isn’t verbatim, you could end up with coasters.

First off NO the 112D will not booktype to a DVD-ROM unless you flash it to a 112L or else get a ripping program that will trick it into thinking thats it a DVD-ROM . And Verbatims are your best bet for burning media :slight_smile: Also sorry but I don’t burn DL media I just use 16X +R Verbatinms and burn at DVD5

Also you might try the Pioneer Burner Forum for more help


DVD+R DL media will be automatically booktyped to DVD-ROM. It’s only DVD+R that needs the cross flashing to be book typed to DVD-ROM.

This is true of all recent Pioneer burners.

As mentioned above Verbatim DVD+R DL media is the only one to use.