Pioneer 112D Lightscribe DVD Burner

Hey sup,I just ordered Pioneer 112D Lightscribe dvd burner,I want to know if its any good or i made a mistake buyin it,thank you and please help me out!!!

112D has no Lightscribe!!!

111C has.

and no DVD-RAM

Who does sell the 111C?
Just in East Asia?

I’ve seen it at F&M here in Germany.

PS. Just checked, they dont have it anymore.

tnx for the help guys,i wanna ask u guys what is this then???

I would have to say it is a mistake. Email before the shipping is done and see what he says.

tnx for the help again,I dont know if its Lightscribe but 4sure it is Pioneer 112D right???cuz that’s what im lookin for!

The usual price for the 112D is around $38-$40 delivered so you got a good price and Nero and the guy has a good rating. I would be content. You might want to consider the 112L firmware from here, as it has been very good for the 111 and for the 111, at least, it adds RAM writing

It’s not a bad drive if you do not need LightScribe and RAM writing.

naw actually i dont need lightscribe,im asking because i want to makesure it is Pioneer 112D,because i looked around and i seen people talkin about 111D and the new version being good drives with good quality specially with DL burning…what about the 112L firmware,what the are features that i’ll get when i upgrade from 112D to 112L???thanks alot for all the helps!

The L firmware is a version that comes from Buffalo and it generally adds RAM writing and auto bitsetting for +R media. I found a little better burn quality. If you are new at this, I would wait a while and stick with Pioneer stock firmware for a while. Crossflashing is not for the faint of heart and voids the warranty. Make sure you use an 80 wire cable or the drive will not work. Also make sure you set the jumper correctly.

I know how to install the drive,I Just wanna burn DVD+R DL cd’s,thats the main thing im looking for and I want to know if I need to upgrade to 112L or The drive does it automatically,and u sayin that 112L enables DVD-RAM writing but 112D doesnt right?thanks for your help

Just stay with the D firmware. For DL burning you should see no difference and you keep the warranty. I would go to 1.08 if yours comes with 1.06.

A 112D cannot ever have Lightscribe and also no DVD-RAM burning support.

Some sellers are just stupid or wanna cheat on any customer easily.

Am I correct that the L firmware will add RAM burning?

Only for the 112D version, because the 112 already has it.

Hey sup guyz,i just recived this drive…the drive is 112D 1.09