Pioneer 112D Firmware Question

Hello guyz,I would like to know how can I check and see whats my current Pioneer 112D firmware version???and if the firmware is not new,do u guyz suggest flashing it to the latest firmware?or just stay with whatever I have,please help me out tnx:)


just run Nero Infotool and check the firmware revision.

Or else run cdspeed if you don’t have info tool, and yes myself I would update the FW just so your burner is up to date and that way you would have less problems down the road :iagree::iagree:

thanks alot for the help guys…it says 1.15 for my pioneer 112d

The latest firmware for the 112D is 1.24. It is recommended, as it is said to fix some issues with CD quality, and has been noted to improve DVD writing quality with some media [with some members].