Pioneer 112D DL Write Speed



Hi, Brand new member here making my first post.

I have just today bought a pioneer DVR-112D from Novatech and also a pack of Datawrite 8x double layer discs. When trying to burn one of these disks I was only given the option of 2.4x write speed instead of the 8x. So the first thing I did was update the firmware from 1.06 to 1.09 in the hope that this would sort it but it didn’t. I then downloaded Media Code Speed Edit, not to change the speed, but just to see what the firmware was reporting for this media.

The media code for my Datawrite media is RICOHJPN D01

I have (hopefully) attached a screen shot of MCSE showing that this media code has 2 entries (shown by the red arrows), one set at 2.4x and the other showing up to 8x. Now I assume that the firmware is just looking at the first entry which is 2.4x and so this is the speed I am restricted to. Is this a mistake in the firmware or is there a reason for the double entry.

I wanted to get some advice before making any changes.

Thanks for any help



In the 111 firmware there are also 2 entries but the first 1 has 2.4x & 4x speeds. Not having any of these discs I don’t know what the 111 does with them.


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The best advice I can give you is to use Verbatim DL (MKM 001/003) disks.


Verbatim 2.4x +DL will burn at the full 8x in your 111, so use current ones at 2.4x and get them next time. :slight_smile: