Pioneer 112d bitset to dvd rom for SL

i’ve done a search and i think i can patch this but i just want to run through it with you guys before doing so.

ok, i have a pioneer 112d beige oem with factory installed firmware 1.24
i want to patch it to 112L so that SL media will be bitset to ROM
to do this i can use koba’s package. his instructions are as follows:

How to update to Buffalo 112L 8.21 firmware:

  1. Flash to TDB 112L firmware based on Buffalo’s (skip if you have already done this)
  2. Flash with provided patched Buffalo 8.06 flasher and firmware
  3. Flash with provided original Buffalo 8.21 flasher and firmware
  4. Happy burning with Buffalo 8.21 firmware

the following files were located in koba’s rar package:
Original Buffalo 112L 8.09 flasher with firmware
Original Buffalo 112L 8.21 flasher with firmware
Original Pioneer A12J 121flasher with firmware
Patched Buffalo 112L 8.06 flasher with firmware
Patched Pioneer A12 1.09 flasher with firmware
Pioneer Quiet Drive Utility
TDB 112L 806 buffalo based flasher and firmware
TDB A12J_106 firmware and flasher
Pioneer 112L 8.09-31_Buffalo.doc

is there any more to it? it seems that his package hasn’t been updated for a while and doing a search i see other methods using mcse. it’s really confusing. 111L was not this confusing. please help me out.


@ dznutz,

It depends on exactly what you desire from your DVR-112D.

If you desire a DVR-112L, which is uses Buffalo series 8.** Firmware that provides SL Bit Setting, DVD-RAM Read/Write, and LabelFlash then use Koba’s “Flash Package”. The reason the Koba’s “Flash Package” appears not to be updated is because the Pioneer DVR-112D is an 'Old" Drive which has been superseded by the Pioneer DVR-115D and Pioneer DVR-116D Drives.

If you just desire SL Bit Setting then use Official Pioneer DVR-112D series 1.** Firmware and Media Code Speed Edit tool. Using Official Pioneer DVR-112D series 1.** Firmware and Media Code Speed Edit tool only provides SL Bit Setting and does not provide DVD-RAM Read/Write and LabelFlash.

The above information is provided in the CD Freaks ‘DVR-112D CrossFlashing’ threads that exist in this Forum.