Pioneer 112D at Newegg

Highly anticipated 18x 112D is now available!

Who already has one on order??

Newegg has it listed as, DVR-112 without the “D”. Is there a 112 and a 112D? or is this a Newegg mistake?

I will buy the 112 if it is better than the 111D. I need a new burner.

The 112 supports DVD-RAM, the 112D doesn’t. The specs and description at NewEgg are for the DVR-112 (the one with DVD-RAM). NewEgg will probably offer this with free shipping pretty soon.

112 and 112D both share identical hardware, if I’m not mistaken. Both are crossflashable to the 112L variant which adds +R auto bitsetting as well as RAM.

I wouldn’t trust Newegg to ship a 112 even though I just ordered one myself. I bought a 111 from them and it was a 111-D. Plan on using the Dangerous Bros buffalo firmware for crossflashing as Dalen mentioned.

Based on the pricing, I’d say the model at newegg is likely a D model as well. The D model should sell for a little less than the 112.

If anyone has ordered one, please post here when your drive arrives so we’ll know for sure what model they are really selling!

My estimated delivery is tomorrow, 16 February, I’ll let you know what they shipped. I’m expecting a 112-D, not the 112 they list. Not a big deal thanks to those fabulous Dangerous Brothers who really can flash anything!

What is the difference between 112 and 112 D ???

Post #3, this thread.

The D is the cheaper model and the poster above mentioned that the 112 writes RAM and the 112D only reads. In any case, crossflashing to the 112L adds all the features.

got my today. Yes, it is 112D, not the 112 as they list on newegg.

You might want to consider the Buffalo firmware. I have always found it much superior to the stock, and it adds auto bitsetting for +R.

siusiuenen, thank you for letting us know… the drive at Newegg is a 112D.

Post some burns when you get a chance!

you’re welcome dalenquaice, will report about it as soon as i made some burns

I just ordered one. :slight_smile: Now to decide which Liteon to retire, my 1635S or 165H6s?? :confused: 1635 burns better at 8X but the 165H6S is a better scanner. :doh:

Newegg now has it listed as a “D”.

I just checked and it still is listed as 112, cant find the D anywhere?

It matters not which one they list. It will be the 112D and it is easily flashed to whatever version you want with TDB firmware.

The egg now shows “out of stock”.
Mine is due to be delivered Tuesday, cant wait to test it.

Does the 112d scan media better then the 111d…I wonder… (AKA nero cd-dvd speed tests) Or is this a general pioneer issue?