Pioneer 112D at Best Buy



I don’t think this has been posted, but the 112D (1810) is at Best Buy. I’ll be waiting for the OEM and some testing before I jump.,,2076_310070061_394322650,00.html


Posted here, saw it last week, but didn’t have the new tag up in the store, since it was placed by the 710 tag.


Yeah you just have to look on the shelf at my BB.


Last week in Indianapolis, it was $59.00, the 111 was 69.00


Thanks. I did a search for 1810 and couldn’t find the post.


this has the generic face plate correct? That is expensive if so, may as well wait for an OEM from an online shop. If it has the nice A12 face plate then it may be worth it if you are about looks.


Bought 2 of these today $55.00AUD each :bigsmile:


All MIC, oh well.

The manual is multilanguage, why aren’t they available here???


Same here, chef, I have finally found store with 112/D in price list, but the delivery date is unknown (in other words 1 - 3+ weeks) :frowning:


I ordered in store pick-up at BB just a few minutes ago and will go get it. Need to give them time in customer service :slight_smile: BB wants twice the price for an optical drive over say Newegg for example but what the heck. I have never owned a Pioneer optical drive and would like to check one of the new ones out.


The egg has them now :slight_smile: 38$ shipped


Use PayPal and save $15. :slight_smile:


112 burners are available in Germany since the day before yesterday.

#14 have this baby now guys. I just order it. Actually, it is dvr-112 and it chipper dvr-111d


Any details??




Much obliged. Most of these are for new users only and I would never have spent the time to track this down. FYI, Newegg does not list Paypal as an option but ZipZoomFly does.

This forum rocks. :bow:


Newegg is sold out of the 112D but has them for $32.99