Pioneer 112D and DVD-RAM write

I am new to dvd burning and have a question? the Pioneer 112D (compared to model 112) does not support DVD-ram “write” Do I need this feature?

You shouldn’t need it, unless you have an explicit need for writing DVD-RAM. If you’ve never used it, chances are you don’t need it, and don’t have to worry about it. It is only one of the better media on which you may backup, but using DVD±R can work just as well.

I havn’t puchased my burner yet and that is why I asked. I can’t find the 112 any where (yet)…only the 112d. Should I keep looking? or is it what you said… that DVD± work just as well. In what circumstances would I want to have DVD-ram write? Sorry…just a newbie

Probably when you have critical data that cannot, under any circumstances, have messed up. Maybe looking over a couple of the links provided in this Google search will be of help to you. The Wikipedia link has a good summation of pros and cons; better than I can say. :flower:

Thanks Wallace from a newbie. Yeh I’ve done all those searchs. The easiest thing would be to just buy the 112…just can’t find it anywhere. Again…thanx

No problem. :flower: Good luck in finding the 112.

It is quite nice to have the capability to use it when you want. That said, I rarely use it. (I mostly use an external hard drive to backup some stuff [easier to erase and fill up with more stuff] and high quality DVD±R for the more permanent backups.)

the 112D is just as good and you can flash it to a 112L which is a DVD-RAM and auto bitsets the +R media to a dvd_rom which is the same as a pressed media

Kind of…not same. :wink:

What do you mean chef? Booktypes are the same, I think that is what Jimbo meant to tell us. :iagree:

Yes that is what I ment :bigsmile:

Ok :smiley: