Pioneer 112 - Very slow burning speed



Hi , new to this forum and deperately need help.

My new Pioneer 112 is taking over 30 minutes to burn a movie at 8x speed using Verbatim 16x DVD -R discs. I am using Nero 6.6.08. Also, the burnig process also slows other applications down.

This problem first occured 2 months ago to my Pioneer 108, which I replaced with the new Pioneer 112.

Could it be something in my PC which damages DVD burners.

Help !!!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Have you made sure DMA is enabled? Check my sig (beneath my reply) for details. :slight_smile:


Hi Arachne

Thanks for the quickly reply. Have checked that DMA is enabled for both Primary and Secondary IDE channels. What worries is that the burner was working ok until yesterday [I bought is about 3 weeks ago].

Someone suggested that I should reformat my harddisc as it might be too “clustered”. However, if the burner is working ok until last week, I can’t see how the hard-disc can be the cause of the problem.

Is there anyway I can check if the burner is damaged ?



Just to double check, in Device Manager it says Current Transfer Mode = UDMA Mode x (where x is a number) for all your devices?

Edit: sorry to be a pain, but sometimes folk confuse “DMA if Available” with “Current Transfer Mode” :slight_smile:

It could well be hard disk fragmentation, it’s worth defragging just to be sure.

One way to make sure the burner is working correctly would be to try it in another PC.

One thing though, are you using an 80 wire IDE cable for the Pioneer? If the Current Transfer Mode for it is UDMA 4, then you are. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. Have checked as advised and results as follows:

Primary IDE : Device 0, Current Transfer Mode = UDMA Mode 5. Device 1, CTM = not applicable

Secondary IDE : Device 0, CTM = PIO mode. Device 1, CTM = not applicable. Cannot change CTM for both devices

The Pioneer 112 is the only burner in my PC and it is connected as “Master”.

I will do a defrag overnight and will report tomorrow morning. Though not too hopeful as I did a defrag only 2 weeks ago.

Have you come across similar problems before ?



Ouch! The Pio 112 being in PIO mode is a big problem - right click your Secondary IDE in Device Manager, and click Uninstall.

Then reboot, and Windows should re-detect the IDE channel, plus the Pio, and put the drive into UDMA 4 mode as it should be. :slight_smile:


Thanks Arachne. Current at work and will check do as advised as soon as I get home. Meanwhile, a coupe of questions from a novice :

  1. What does the IDE do, and why how does the PIO mode affect the burning speed
  2. If I only have one burner installed, why do I need a primary and secondar IDE
  3. Lastly, what do you think caused the problem in the first place as the DVD drive was burning ok in last two weeks.

Again, many many thanks for your help.


No probs, it should do the trick :slight_smile:

The IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) channels are just the two sockets on your motherboard where the flat ribbon cables plug in. As for PIO Mode - it’s a slower transfer rate than UDMA mode, so if your burner is running in PIO mode, speeds will drop and you may get failed burns.

Even if you only have the one burner installed, often your hard drive(s) are connected to your Primary IDE cable, so the secondary one is often used for extra hard drives or burners etc. A lot of motherboards have two IDE channels.

As for what caused your drive to drop into PIO mode, it could have been anything from reading a dodgy disc (if Windows encounters x amount of read errors on a disc, it’ll drop the transfer rate til eventually you’re left with the dreaded PIO Mode) to a dodgy IDE (flat) cable connecting your burner. I’d say it’s more than likely that it had problems reading a disc and thus dropped the transfer rate.

These are really basic explanations, as I’m crap at explaining things - maybe you’ll get a more in-depth explanbation, though :slight_smile:


Hi Arachne

Problems solved and the Pioneer 112 is now buring nicely. Many many thanks !!! The casue of the problems, seem to be as you predicted, ie reading a disc with faulty data. Many thanks also for the excellent technical explanations.

The only interest observation seems to be that the Primary IDE is now showing a CTM of “Ultra DMA Mode 5” and secondary IDE "Ultra DMA Mode 2] for Device 0. However, since the burner is working well, I aim complaining !

This might also explain the reason why my last Pioneer 108 burned failed. Which means I might now be able to connect it back to the PC as a second burner.

From memory, there is a spare connector left in the IDE cable. Can I therefore just adjust the jumpering switch of the second burner to “Slave” to make it work?

Again, your help is much appreciated.



Excellent, you’re welcome :smiley:

Your hard drive will be on the Primary IDE, so UDMA 5 would be normal. However, if the Secondary IDE is only showing UDMA 2, that means you’re using a 40 wire IDE cable (as opposed to an 80 wire one) - so you might want to replace it with an 80 wire cable at some point (Pioneers tend to prefer them). The Pioneer should ideally be in UDMA Mode 4, but if you’re burning OK, it’s fine for the moment :smiley:

As for the 108, yep, just connect it to the spare connector on the flat cable that’s going to your 112, and set the jumper to “Slave” on the 108, you got it. :iagree: