Pioneer 112 and Pioneer 112D

Is it only firmware that differentiates the Pioneer 112 and 112D drives or is the hardware for DVD-RAM writing not present in the 112D?

My understanding is that the firmware makes the difference. At least, that was the case for the 111.

DITTO for the 112 also, if you want it to be a DVD-RAM and to auto bitset to DVD-ROM which all pressed DVD’s are then you need to flash it to a 112L FW 8.09

What software do you use to crossflash?

@ Quakester2000,

Download Forum Member’s Koba “Firmware and utility for A12J&” Flash Package at the below Web Link and read the “Instructions.Text” file contained in the Flash Package for detailed information on flashing DVR-112 series Burners to DVR-112L Buffalo Firmware that provides Auto Bit Sitting of DVD+R Media and DVD-RAM burning capabilities ->

Below is the Web Link for The Dangerous Brothers DVR-112L v8.06 Buffalo Firmware Flasher ->