Pioneer 111L crossflash

I don’t think this has been asked before. I recently crossflashed my 111D to a 111L INT and would now like to change it to the 111L EXT. Will I need to downgrade to the 111 1.06 firmware first or can I go directly to the 111L 8.19 kernel flasher?

You should be able to flash directly to 8.19EXT with no problem. 8.29INT and EXT are the latest f/w versions for the 111L.

8.29INT !!!

I thought that the latest version is 8.26 :confused:

Correct. 8.29 is not released yet, sadly.

Sorry! I mistyped. Notice I’m using the 8.26 f/w in my own Pio. :o

chef , do you think it will ever be released ? or is it EOL for Buffalo 111L ?

Let’s pray. :wink:

Firmware 8.29 has just been released today (available at
Any ideas what the changes are ?

Looks like a work-around:

・DVD-R DL(2層)メディアへのリード/ライト品質の向上
・DVD+R DL(2層)メディアへのリード/ライト品質の向上

I expect nothing else than the changes from 1.26 to 1.29…

Where can we download the 111L 8.29 firmware? I cannot read Japanese. :slight_smile:

The link were already posted.

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Just click on the link at the bottom of this page

Just upgraded my drive to 8.29, but nothing to burn at the moment to test it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Got it. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Can we remove Riplock from 8.29 with MCSE? NOPE… not yet. Ala42 can you do it? :bow: :bow: :bow:

Hey IceBerg, what are the differences between the 111L and the 111XL?

The media code table from 111 1.29 and the 111L 8.29 are the same.

Overall supported media types: 302

DVD+R9 supported media types: 16
DVD+R supported media types: 90
DVD+RW supported media types: 27
DVD-R9 supported media types: 7
DVD-R supported media types: 111
DVD-RW supported media types: 35
DVD-RAM supported media types: 16

I got MCSE, what are the steps to remove Riplock?

Open 8.29 Buffalo 111L firmware in MCSE, tick “Increase Read Speed” and then save the firmware. Rename the new firmware file (A0412541.829 speedpatched) to A0412541.829. Put the R11FOIN.EXE file (flasher) and the A0412541.829 file into a folder and execute the R11FOIN.EXE.


After flashing 111 to 111L 8.29 from Buffalo (not TDB), strange but Riplock is already removed. Is there a way to turn it back on?

Some people say there is no riplock on this drive. So what is the use of MSCE ?
What is the truth ?

There is Riplock and it was on official 1.29 and earlier. But as I can see there’s no program of switching it for 111.