Pioneer 111L burn speed question


I have a Pioneer 111DBK which I flashed up to a Pioneer 111L using a Dangerous Brothers firmware. It is connected via an 80 wire cable to the secondary IDE connector on the motherboard. It is the only drive on that cable.

AFAICT, it produces good quality discs, but the burn speeds seem to vary a lot.

I am using ‘growisofs’ under Linux to burn, and have noticed some troubling output.

4341727232/4682369024 (92.7%) @13.5x, remaining 0:23
4411064320/4682369024 (94.2%) @14.7x, remaining 0:18
4429971456/4682369024 (94.6%) @4.0x, remaining 0:17
4429971456/4682369024 (94.6%) @0.0x, remaining 0:17
4429971456/4682369024 (94.6%) @0.0x, remaining 0:17
4429971456/4682369024 (94.6%) @0.0x, remaining 0:17
4429971456/4682369024 (94.6%) @0.0x, remaining 0:17
4488232960/4682369024 (95.9%) @12.3x, remaining 0:13
4552032256/4682369024 (97.2%) @13.5x, remaining 0:09
4618190848/4682369024 (98.6%) @14.0x, remaining 0:04

This can happen once or twice during a burn. The resultant DVD is OK. I haven’t had any coasters to date from this burner.

My previous burner was an LG GSA-4163B which was connected with a 40 wire cable. It would burn the same brand of media @ 7.9x, without any “drop-outs” as experienced with the Pioneer. The discs I am using are Iomega DVD-R 16x.

It takes the Pioneer 7 minutes to burn a full DVD. The LG (running @7.9x) would only take about 30 seconds longer.

Does this sound right? Is there something I’m doing wrong? :confused:

If you’re still reading, thanks for taking the time!

Have a good weekend,


G’day robjk,

Firstly, 16X burners require that you have an 80-conductor IDE cable connected to it.

The “speed drops” you mention are probably caused by the drive’s Walking Optimal Power Calibration (WOPC) feature, which periodically recalibrates the writing laser in order to produce the most optimal burn across the entire disc on any given media.


Hi TerminalVeloCD,

Thanks for replying.

So if I use better quality discs, this behaviour would become less noticeable?

I don’t know that Pioneer uses WOPC, but it sounds like your drive is doing what it is supposed to do. Iomega does not make discs, do you have any software to determine what media ID you have? It is probably MCC 03RG20.

Pioneer’s WOPC works by recalibrating the writing laser at fixed points across the disc, becoming more aggressive towards the oiuter edge of the disc where most problems occur. Therefore you’ll still see the same recalibration pattern no matter what discs you use. During the recalibration points, you’ll actually hear the laser calibrate, and also the busy light on the front of the drive will blink.


I knew Pioneer had callibration points, I just didn’t think they called it WOPC. I though BenQ had the rights to that term.

well, every burners of late has some similar technology, but we dont know the term for pioneer, the WOPC is patented by BenQ and it becomes a popular term and we always use it for other burners as well when the driver recalibrates its laser.

Thanks guys!