Pioneer 111L - 8.29. Is mine dead? Help

I have had this drive for about 6 months and burned about 150 DVDs. Tonight it just quit. It won’t read or write. It sits and spins and acts like it tries but no love. AnyDVD does not even recognize that there is media in the drive. Anyone have any ideas of anything I might try or should I just make a trip to the store.

By the way, this drive has been perfect until now. Is this the life I should expect from my burner?

Even though this is my first post here I am an avid reader. Thank all of you, I have learned a lot from all of you.


Have you tried using Imgburn to burn your dvd media? Imgburn is a free software.

Is the drive seen by BIOS and Windows? Check IDE cable connection to be sure it’s securely connected.

Yes, everything looks fine. It is seen in BIOS and by Windows and has a drive letter. It just won’t read or write.

Use special cleaning disc in the drive. maybe the burner is dirty inside. If you really plan to take this drive back to the store, DO NOT forget to flash it back to original 111D 1.29 firmware (RPCII)

I just finished tearing the drive apart and cleaning the lense. It does show signs of extreme heat on some of the chips but that may be normal, I don’t know. It does now show some sigh of life (it now can see that there is a disk in the drive) so I have my fingers crossed. The test burn is underway now.