Pioneer 111D

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DV-400V-K. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi all i have burned xbox 360 iso file games with COOKIES XBOX 360 GAME BURNER but i went back to xp from vista and 3 of my pioneer burner s have all died.

drive 01
pioneer firmware is 1.29
it started burning but then came up with a error ISO saying check device condition and now it does not read, play or pick up any type of disc, just keeps clicking ?

drive 02
so i put another pioneer 111D in what worked (got it out of a copy box) and did the same with that one but the light does not come on at all does not load just opens and closes.

drive 03
got another one from my mate house what i gave him pioneer 111D
it all worked fine last night (20 June) BUT put a game on this morning this morning (21 June) got to 1% and came up with iso error check condition

i have used this program (cookies xbox 360 game burner alot of times the pc i use to burn games is not connected to internet

First, did you create the ISO images from your own Xbox 360 games?

[QUOTE=Albert;2295736]First, did you create the ISO images from your own Xbox 360 games?[/QUOTE]

Albert – hi pal yes they was iso file (patched with 1.4 1.5) my drive is a 1.5 for my 360 i have used this program for abit done my self many of games before using it (they are mainly downloaded iso files) 100% working


Sorry to say, but we cannot actively help with burning ISO files of games downloaded from the Internet. If you have issues backing up your own game discs in the future, you may create another thread.