Pioneer 111D

In black at the EGG for $31.99 WITH FREE SHIPPING AND A FREE 50 PACK OF VERBATIM 16X DVD-R MEDIA. They have at least 99 of them in stock. I put 99 in my basket and clicked update so there’s plenty for everbody. Link for you.

Yo Bryan S-

Excellent find - however with the Verbatim media going for $15 on sale - that makes the burner price effectively $17-eh!

I just bought 2 of the package deals. :rolleyes:

Last thing I need is another Pioneer 111. :wink: It is only the most used burner in my system. Curse you Red Baron, there went $32. :doh: How am I ever going to save up for that 7900GT if you keep finding such good deals?

:flower: :bigsmile:

Great…Now who’s going to put back those 97 left in your cart?
Some warehouse guy is not happy about now…
I ordered one, but only because I could use some more media… :bigsmile:

Damn it all, now I have 3 of these burners. Can’t beat the price. I have been buying a burner a week for the last 3 weeks, at this rate …

You guys realize we have crossed the line where now media costs more than the burner. :eek:

It’s official. DVD burners have finally caught up to inkjet printers on the evolutionary scale.

Yo chas0039-

[B]OMG!!! [/B] - we have crossed the line-

I remember two years ago when my first NEC 2510 went below $70 plus shipping at Newegg - I bought it and then called all my buddies to brag about the great deal I got-eh!

Now I see why you guys get those great big towers to install all those drives into - me - I have no more room for any new drives - and really like the ones that I currently have (or I would be all over this deal like stink on poop-eh!)

Thanks for the heads up. Just got another one! I ordered one about a month ago and it is a great burner. Couldn’t pass up a deal like this. :clap:

I just bought one this week and haven’t even installed it yet. I’m really fighting the urge to jump on this deal. But if this drive turns out the be the last Pioneer designed drive, it’s definitely worth stocking up.

Well, if spending $32 now on this will keep you from spending $42 on a new NEC 4570 (as an example, although you may not even be considering it) , then you will have saved $10. Like my math? :smiley:

Okay, I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. I also jumped on this deal. Picked it up with a new Seagate HD. Now all I need is a solid ripper/scanner. A toss up between the Benq 1655 and one of the late model Lite-Ons.

At this point, I wouldn’t consider buying another NEC. :Z Don’t forget the free printable verbs valued at $20. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Jesterrace, I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. It even came with Nero 6, PowerDVD 6, and a MII lightscribe cdr.

Not bad. I am really torn on the Lite-Ons though given my past experience with their drives (I always seem to find the defective ones) but I love the look of Kprobe scans.

Don’t discount this Pioneer for ripping. I have had very good results. Just be aware that the Buffalo firmware puts riplock back so you need to use MCSE to get the speed back.

Pioneer is good for ripping hard to read media, such as the type that chokes in other drives like Liteon. Liteon is good as a scanner. I don’t trust the Liteon for DL burning. For DL, I use the Pioneer or Plextor.

You only need about 5 to 8 burners to get the job done.

Out of stock on the Verbatim discs. Guess I waited too long, although that’s probably a good thing. I should be using the money to pay off my credit cards.

Well that just sucks. :sad: