Pioneer 111d vs. NEC 4750a...which one to buy?




I am thinking about buying another DVD Burner.
Which is better at scanning Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x and 16x? The Pioneer 111D or the NEC 4750A?



Assuming you mean NEC 4570a then it would have to be the Pioneer & flash to the 111 with RAM writing capability.


I second Tim’s suggestion. I’m thinking of getting a Pio 111 myself. :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding,

Does the Pioneer 111D burn Verbatim DVD-R DL media well? I read a review stating that the Pioneer 111D burns nothing but DL coasters.

Thanks again


Well the review here has a burn of the 4x media at 8x & it was acceptable. The main problem in the review seemed to be the compatibility of -R DL media with standalone DVD players.

I’d always prefer going with Verbs +R DL rather than -R DL & the results for that are fine.




I would like to see that review.
Pioneer invented DVD-R DL, so why should their burners not like burning those media? There could be only the case that either the drive is damaged or the media is (crap).


It was a review at The reviewer did not name the media used.



And you would believe that???


Hey. I had to ask because i use DVD+R DL discs from time to time.



Why ask about DVD[U][B]-R[/B][/U] DL then as this probably not relevant?


Hi :slight_smile:
One of the reasons I got/would recommend a Pioneer 111 was its performance with DL. Regardless of + or -. In fact IMO that the Pioneer 111 is better all round when compared with the Nec.


A simple typo on my part…



My NEC just died! 7 months and beat the pevious all time record by Plex 716 of 11 months! LOL

also the 111 is onsale at BB today $39-10% out the door retail pack! :clap: :iagree: :cool: :slight_smile:


Is the Pioneer DVR-710B5PK the same as the Pioneer DVR-111D?



That seems to be the case.



Does the Pioneer DVR-710B write DVD-RAM?



710 is the retail version! I am checking it out now! $37 out the door! Go get one while you can.


With the DB flash it will! I think! the block is checked!


this dl was burnt in pioneer 111d at 6x. played in the 3 dvd players i tried without any problems