Pioneer 111D VS Liteon 165P6S

Ok, I have ended up buying one of those 2 and I want to buy it tommorow. Give me your opinion and PROs/Cons on each please.
I will 80% burn dual layer +R , disc backups for my xbox360.

I had almost decided on the Pioneer and then I read that it can’t do quality checking with Nero…is there any way around that? And then the Liteon is king for scanning…

Of course, if the Pioneer is gonna burn with better quality my +R DL media, then that’s more important than being able to check that quality…but is it?

I would kind of hate though to need to give my discs for testing to other people as I do now…(and I can’t buy both burners :P)…is there any other way to check quality with the pioneer?

I don’t have any practicle experience with either drive, but I do know that they are both solid performers. I’ve also read that the Pioneer is an excellent drive for backing up console games. As for the scanning, the lite-on isn’t the king…well at least not yet. You’ll have to get a Plexy or a BenQ to claim that title.

I would get the Pioneer for burning ( you can buy another drive external for scanning only :slight_smile: )

I just dont like lighton ( for no reason :slight_smile: )