Pioneer 111D very very slow DVD burning



I had a dvr-110 before. It is working great until one full year heavy work load (I burn 50-80 disc per month). It burning very slow (2.1x). I am believe is time to let it retire. So I got a 111d to replace. I update firmware to 1.29 since first day. It is working great on all kind of media (even DL & RW). But, yesterday (05/Jan) it show me problem. It won’t burn or read over 1.9x. And the cpu is always on 100% work load. I still have NEC and a LG on my system. They show no preblem. Any peoples can help me?
Media I only use Maxell and Fujifilm (I even don’t use Sony). Software I using Alcohol and Nero.


Welcome to the forum. Check the link above. Your problem sounds like DMA. Make sure you cable is 80 wire.


I set to DMA. But still no improve. Never can over 1.9x. CPU useage always on 100% when burn or read. Is my burner have problem?


Are you using a 40 wire cable or 80 wire? An 80 wire will have a blue motherboard connection on the cable, 40 wire will have a black.


Who tells you that it is in UDMA4 mode??

If speed is still under 2.xx it is not in UDMA mode, not DMA2 nor UDMA4.


I uninstall and reinstall the IDE channel. Anything is ok right now. Thanks a lot for yours attention.
PS: I am using 40 wire cable.


ray375 -

For the Pioneer DVR-111D to function correctly in the Ultra DMA Mode 4 requires the use of an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable. To obtain Ultra DMA Mode 4 performance requires the use of an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable. If you use the 40-Conductor IDE Cables you will not be able to obtain Ultra DMA Mode 4 performance.

Below is a Web Link that details the Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable ->



OK. I will change it.


In many systems, it is essential that you get the 80 wire cable for the drive to work at all.


I replaced the 80 cable today. It set to DMA mode 4. Feeling more staple when burning.