Pioneer 111d Troubles with standalone playback

Hi everyone, im having a bit of trouble with my new OEM pioneer 111d burner. The problem is that before i updated i had a pioneer 109 and a sony burner they worked fine on my system (abit nf7s 2.0 (latest bios), 7600gt tdh, 1.5gb corsair 3200ddr, Barton 3000+, antec 550w psu).
After installing the oem pioneer 111d i found it burns data ect fine, but when i backup a movie using copy2dvd it wont play in my standalone player Toshiba sd1200. My pioneer 109 does this no probs, but has done some serious milage and may not last long, i purchased the 111d to replace it but am frustrated as to why the backups dont play on my standalone. I have updated the firmware on the 111d to 1.29 and still no joy.

Can anyone help ???

Are you using -R media or are you using +R media?

If you are using +R media are you booktyping it to DvD-Rom?

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im using dvd-r media RITEK (which burns fine on my 109 that is still on my system) im not trying to do dual layer or anything… just a single layer burn. Im not good at explaining this… but i get a single layer movie (i make movies using flashmx then burn them to dvdr <slideshows and stuff>) and burn it with my pioneer 109 to the ritek media and it plays in my standalone Toshiba sd1200 no worries… i burn the exact same thing with the same program with the 111d, the standalone player reads the disc… but wont play it :frowning:

<omg… im soooooo frustrated i wanna bang my head on my keyboard…>

I’d guess the 111 doesn’t like the Ritek media (which has declined in quality of late).

Try some better media, and see how you go. :slight_smile:

ive also tried tdk, and verbatim with the same result… im thinking that trying 3 different types of media with the same result means the problem may be elsewhere. BTW the vebatim, tdk and ritek all work fine on the 109 i have… and … My coaster collection from this 111d is growing by the minute… lol… (about 15 discs of the various brands so far)…

Burn speed? :slight_smile:

Roger on the burn speed… ill make it like 4x and see what happens… bbs

><… 4x didnt help… The 111d burns ok… I can play it back on power dvd in my compy… but my standalone doesnt recognise it… ><… I burn the same thing with the 109 and it plays no probs… >_<… I checked the patin-couffin version as 1.36 revision 39… but i dont think this is part of the issue…

<im stressed… and in need of a cigarette…>

Any ideas as to what else i can try…


Well I think you elimated media as an issue.

Toshiba SD1200 is pretty clean when it comes to compatibilty issues with media.

So you have to look at the software being used. Have you done any changes, is it doing something different with your 111d?

Is you 111d properly working?
Is the firmware up-to-date?

I am just tossing ideas at you, and pondering on what it can be.

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cheers… unfortunately…I have updated the firmware (version 1.29)
As far as software changes, ive done none. I simlply removed my old sony drive and installed the 111d. Im really stuck on this aswell… Ive had pioneer since a105 and never had any quirks like this trip me up…The 111d seems to be working fine. Data burns are no probs, the movie backups i make with it play in my 109 with power dvd… just not im my standalone… I desperately want to get this to work…

Can you play rental or original DVD movie in you stand alone DVD player?.

oh yeah i can play any original in it(i had it deregioned)… i can play backups done with my 109 in it aswell, this is the frustrating thing. Any movie i backup with the 111d doesnt play in it… everything else does. So i backup a movie with my 109, it works great, I do the same thing with the 111d and it no play:(, the player recognises there is a disc, but it hangs on the 00:00 time indicator and wont skip chapters or fast forward.