Pioneer 111D to TDB 8.29



I recieved my 111D the other day and as I am a tinkerer I flashed to TDB 111D 8.29 int.
When I read the specs on this drive it said 5x DVD RAM.
When I check Nero info it doesn’t list DVD RAM at all.
Did this firmware upgrade remove that?
Not that I would probably use that feature I was just wondering if this drive ever had that capability?


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The 111D will only support DVD-RAM reading, if you want writing & Labelflash then you want to go to the 111L with 8.29 (int), like so many here.

Maybe you’ve an old version of the info tool.


This is correct because the 111D can only READ DVD-RAM.
try with dvdinfopro or a newer infotool.


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Perhaps reviewing the below DVR-111D to DVR-111L CrossFlashing guide will provide the detailed information you are seeking.



You are confusing the DVR-111 and DVR-111D, and these are the official specifications.

The DVR-111D supports only the reading of DVD-RAM discs at speeds of up to 5X.

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