Pioneer 111D slowing down/stopping halfway through burn

I was just wondering about something. I just burned a backup of a movie on my new Pioneer 111D. I used ImgBurn 2.0 and something strange happened while burning.

First, I used MCC004 Prodisc Verbatim media and my burnspeed was 6x.

When burning, the burner has a continual green light on. At approximatly halfway through the burner light dissappeard (went black) and the burnspeed slowed in Imgburn down to 1.x something before the green light came back and burning speed picked up again. The buffers where full the whole time.

Is this normal behavior for this drive? What was it that happened?

I tested the media afterwards with verify and scanned it on cd/dvd speed and the burn seems to be fine. Haven’t done the “visual” test yet (actually watching the backup).

Could you please post the burn graph. You have to install DVDINFOpro for this purpose. Then you get burn graphs like here and we could easily spot your problem. For DL media such a slow down would be perfectly normal at the layer break, but nor for SL media.

I will do that. But this might have been a one time thing. I don’t know. It was “pure luck” that I discovered the slowdown as I was standing looking at the screen at that point. If it happens again I’ll post the burn graph here.

edit :

Tried installing DVDINFOPro and got the following message while trying to burn with ImgBurn :

What shall I do ? Press continue ?

And I thought of something : The burn is in a .iso file with mds file. Could it be that there’s some kind of layer-break info that’s not been removed that is the reason for the strange behavior?

Just tried burning the same dvd again. This time there was no slowdown. But I could not get the DVDInfopro to record the recording speed. How do I do that ?

You just use Imgburn as usual. Then you do the following:

Another task or software has accessed the drive during the burn which can slowdown or coaster the whole process…

i noticed my prodisc made verbatim did that in my pio 111d.

did a scan and noticed there were huge pie errors (in the hundreds)where the burn slowed or stopped as compared to the average of around 20.

it turns out that it was the particular spindle or possibly a bad batch. i determined this to be true because my cmc verbs and sony mit did not experience slowdowns or errors at that particular spot whereas all the prodisc verbs in this particular spindle did. also, looking at the dye i see a clear circular line - most likely a result from the slowdown.

my suggestiong would be try using another spindle if possible and see if you experience the same thing. you’re not supposed to