Pioneer 111d problem

Hi guys, i have a problem that is driving me nuts!

My pioneer 111d with latest firmware is refusing to burn onto my new Datawrite Titanium 8.5gb dual layer discs, Clone CD gives me an error saying “Failed to write to Pioneer 111D!” and IMGBURN gives me a more detailed error, the screenshot is below.

I tried to reinstall the drive but it won’t let me remove it, it just hangs and freezes while it’s uninstalling from device manager, the drive still burns CD’s though and was burning onto bulkpaq dual layers with no problems, until i ran out of them.

Would it be safe to say that this media is complete garbage? has anyone else had any problems like this before?

Thanks for any help!


Would it be safe to say that this media is complete garbage?[/QUOTE]

For DL? Certainly - Verbatim +R DL is the only way to go with DL burning currently, as it’s the most widely supported DL media.

I wouldn’t even use Datawrite for SL, let alone DL, but at least Datawrite SL media has a better chance of completing a burn :wink:

I’d say try and grab some more of the Bulkpaq ones if they worked for you, but the thing is with Bulkpaq, Datawrite etc, is you never know which manufacturer you’re going to get next - thus one batch may burn beautifully, while the next not at all.

OK, lecture over, welcome to the forum :smiley:

Please post the MID/mediacode of that DL discs.