Pioneer 111D or BenQ 1650


I am looking to buy a new DVD burner. I am noise conscious, so I am looking for a quiet and cooler drive,
even if it is slower and has slightly lesser burning quality. I do not like to run software at the background
to slow down the drive, so I am looking to raw comparisons.

I will only be burning DVD-R at 8X, DVD-RW at 6X, CD-R/RW at 16X. I won’t use +R, DL, RAM
media. Bitsetting is not important.

I read the reviews/posts. Pioneer appears to be quieter, but I am not so certain how much. BenQ has better
DVD-R burning quality, but I am not sure how much difference a few percent makes. BenQ does not
seem to do well with DVD-RW. But, I will burn DVD-R the most. Although, if I can get good DVD-RW
burner, I can start using it instead of CD-RW.

I read many complaints that BenQ drives fail shortly. So, It seems Pioneer is more reliable. I am using my
Pioneer DVR-103 for 4 years.

My Pioneer DVR-103 has a fan inside. I know for many of you, that noise won’t be audiable, but it is too
noisy for me. So, I am looking for a quieter burner. Also, I think because of the fan Pioneer DVR-103 heats
up. I think neither Pioneer 111D nor BenQ 1650 has a fan.

Considering all of these, I am inclined to get the Pioneer DVR-111D. Before doing that, I wanted to get your


ÄIf you can, get them both.

You will not be disappointed.

My 1650 and others have complained is loud. It does drown out the noise when watching a movie.

BTW the 1655 and 1650 are the same minus the lightscribe.

That’s why they are not “the same”. :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
behrcan, as I have all the drives mentioned. I thought I’d add my comments here. Both the 1650 & 1655 are excellent allronders. Neither drive will let you down. Pioneers 111 is also excellent. Fussy about media when compared to the BenQs, but if using the likes of Verbatim/Taiyo Yuden then this doesn’t apply. The 111 is also quieter, in my experience this is marginal though. One area that the 111 excels over the BenQ is DL. So if using quality media & you’re likely to use DL (or CDR/CDR-+RW) then the Pioneer probably is the one for you.
BenQ will/should improve regarding DL (maybe CDR etc) with f/w updates. If you buy media on a set budget. So mid & source is going to vary. The BenQ is almost in another league when compared to other DVDRWs.

Thank you for your replies.

I forgot to mention I will only use Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media.

When you say BenQ is in another league for DVD-RW, you mean it is worse right?

I do not think I will be using DL media.

People are saying 1655 is better than 1650. It might be because of the added hardware, disc
spins more stable.


Hi :slight_smile:
When I say DVDRWs I’m referring to drives. I’m suggesting that as a DVD writer the BenQ is almost out on its own (in a positive way). (DL & to some lesser extent +/-RWs being the mute point).
Until recently only used MCC 03RG20/MCC 004. Have now added Taiyo Yuden 16x & 8x.
Looking at your posts this far I’d go with either the 1650 or 1655. I have 2 of each. I know some folks believe that the 1655 is better. I don’t believe this to be the case. It’s probably f/w. Next month it’ll be the other way round.
If you want me to suggest just one then the 1655. Simply because your covering options. Could be a selling point in the future (the LS aspect). If f/w for the 1650 outstrips that of the 1655, I’d crossflash. Knowing that I could flash back if ever I wanted the LS facility.

I will be ordering from Newegg, it seems to have the lowest price and it is reliable.

1655 is $10 more expensive at $50. I won’t be using lightscribe. Of course, if I could
find 1655 for $40, I would pick that one. Pioneer DVR-111D is $40 same price as BenQ DW1650.

zebadee, you have invented a new cd format. :wink:

I think that BenQs really need an improvement when it comes to burning DL and DVD±RW media - that’s their weak point.

Hi :slight_smile:
Would you like some of my new media. :bigsmile:
I meant CDR/DVD-/+ RW etc. :doh:

Will I need the 111 or the 1650 for those “leet” media??

Can the firmware for each can be used on the other to get LS?

The firmware can be used but you will not get LightScribe out of a 1650 because it doesn’t have the necessary hardware.

If 1655 firmware can be used in 1650, why do people say 1650 firmware is not mature and 1655 can burn better? It does not make sense to me.

chef and zebadee, I had a good giggle at you two :bigsmile:

I kinda like the 1650…of course, I don’t use RW or DL. It burns CDRs well too from what I’ve seen, just thought I’d mention that. :slight_smile:

Yeah, don’t always believe on everything our selfappointed gurus tells you. :slight_smile:
When it comes to burn quality, (or any differences in burn quality) on 1650/1655 drives it isn’t dependable of firmware, because except for LS, they are the same.

But then, as Joseph Goebbels said; if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

That is right, it comes down to personal prejudice/opinion and the quality of the individual drive.

:eek: :Z

Maybe the only true thing that this fata$$ ever told.

since you have quite an inventory of different drives, i need your input:

  1. is it correct that the pioneer 111(D) does NOT support bitsetting (yet)? that’s an important aspect for me…
  2. do you get successful 16x burns (ie. high quality scores in nero’s cdspeed) with your benqs and/or pioneer? i’m using verbatim 16x (mcc004) and neither my 1640 nor 1650 like 16x – quality scores are not worth mentioning (around 50-70)… my old nec 3520 is better in this regard (f/w 2.U5 by liggydee)!
  3. have you ever tried CMC MAG M01 media (costco’s printable TDKs)? nearly 100% coasters with “illegal write request” for me, especially with f/w BCHC RPC1 on my 1650. i get a better chance of a completed burn with f/w BCFC (although only quality score of ~50)…

i’m looking forward to your input – TIA!


  1. have you ever tried CMC MAG M01 media (costco’s printable TDKs)? nearly 100% coasters with “illegal write request” for me, especially with f/w BCHC RPC1 on my 1650. i get a better chance of a completed burn with f/w BCFC (although only quality score of ~50)…

:Z I use to use TDK dvd media until their quality control slipped. I don’t even bother with using them anymore. All of the dvd burners I have burned coasters with them.