Pioneer 111D or 112?

Very new to the DVD copying business and looking to upgrade the DVD RW my PC came with. I’ve read amazing things about the 111D (one thread mentioned it being the ‘best dual layer burner’, which is something I am looking for). However, common(not necessarily true) belief is the higher the number - the better the product. I could not find as much information on the 112 and was wondering what most of you would recommend between the two drives. Any input is much appreciated.

Yes the 111D is a excellent burner and been very happy with it, it burns just as good as the Light-On, Plextor and LG, The 112 is a newer model and there is a lot less sold so far but give it time and there will be a lot more of them as well and it is also a very good burner and as good if not better then 111D. :slight_smile:

You really cannot go wrong buying either drive. Both produce very good SL and DL burns, but I think my 112 does a bit better burning CD-R’s than the 111. Other than that, they’re pretty similar. The only big difference I see is that the 111 has already proven itself sturdy, capable, and reliable while the 112 has only had the chance to establish itself as capable so far.

I Have A Pioneer 111d & Haven’t Had Any Problems, Burns Great Cd’s & Dvd’s No Worries. Very Happy With It.

I have no doubt the 112 is slightly better than the 111. Both are as good as it gets :slight_smile: