Pioneer 111D=only burns at 4 speed

G’day, sorry If the following problem is easily managed, but it’s really bugging me…

So ever since my xp crashed on me and was reformatted (i got it done at a shop), all my dvd burns have been at 4 speed. I can select 16 speed, but no matter what it takes 15 mins to burn a disc…I checked, and it’s in DMA mode, i also used nero clean tool just in case it was nero-related (the computer dude installed some newer version of nero, which in uninstalled and reverted back to an older version simply for preference).

I also reinstalled the entire drive through device manager, still to no avail…

If anyone can be of assistance, it will be greatly appeciated!!! :slight_smile:

@ thamfactor,

Since you had “A Shop” work on your computer and now your “Pioneer 111D=only burns at 4 speed” perhaps you should return your computer to the “A Shop” and have them repair the problem (free of charge of course).


Lol, that will be my last resort, because it has been 2 months since i got it fixed. I really did get it done at a repair joint, the name slips me, but yeah, i remember where it’s located and such. To me, it seems like a difficult problem to fix…

Probably one of these mobos with not-so-standard IDE controllers.
Even if it says “DMA if applicable”, try uninstalling any third-party (VIA, NVIDIA…) IDE drivers, then delete (yes, delete) all IDE controllers in hardware manager, and reboot. This will switch back to generic Microsoft IDE drivers and this often solves many such problems.

That, or they changed your IDE cable for a 40-pins one. Check IDE cable. :slight_smile:

One thing i’ll add, it worked fine before the reinstall of windows. They installed a new version of nero which i didn’t like, and I’ve read about having to make sure that all of nero is removed from the registry or problems will occur…is there any truth to this?

i’m sorry, i’m quite illiterate when it comes to technical-computer stuff…

thnx in advance

:frowning: Anybody??? Please?

Check and make sure DMA is enabled (there’s a link in my sig to a guide)…the Pioneer needs it’s Current Transfer Mode to be UDMA 4 :wink:

Yup, DMA Mode is set, but to “Multi-Word DMA Mode 2”…Is that unusual… I’ll add that:

It allows me to select 16 speed burns, but takes the exact time a 4 speed burn would take…

Nero was installed without my permission, and i downgraded to nero 6…I’ve heard that this causes issues…

If anyone can help it’ll b greatly appreciated, i only bought this bruner less then 6 months ago, and my income is non-existant :frowning:

It must be in “[B]Ultra[/B] DMA Mode [B]4[/B]” or it will not work correctly. Uninstall the IDE Channel in Device Manager and reboot (2X) to have the IDE driver re-installed. Test with a new [B]80-wire[/B] ribbon cable between the drive and mainboard, the Pioneer set as Single Master.

I uninstalled and rebooted twice, but the multi mode dma mode 2 thing wont budge :sad:

Maybe they replaced your drive’s IDE cable with a low quality or 40-pin one? That would lock you out of UDMA modes…


@ 180bysummer,

For the Pioneer DVR-111D to operate and function correctly requires the use of an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable, be installed correctly on the Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable (Master/Slave jumper correctly and installed in the correct position on the Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable) and operate in the Ultra DMA Mode 4.

Have you visually physically Ensured that you have your Pioneer DVR-111D DVD Burner Correctly installed on an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable? This visually physically confirmation requires opening the computer case and actually visually physically ensuring that in fact you are using an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable. The below Web Link provides a visual detailed depiction of a Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable and also provides detailed Connector assignments Color Coding information.

Also ensure that you have Master/Slave jumpers correctly set and have not attempted to use the Cable Select (CS) jumper position that in some configurations causes problems.


thanks alot everybody for your responses so far! I haven’t physically checked, would have no fortitude to do so lol, but i’ll def. get my mate to check it out…What baffles me is that when it was repaired, it shouldn’t of involved opening up my case. And if so, wouldn’t that mean they basically stole a part from me? Surely the part wasn’t expensive.

Anyway, i guess i had better check it out…

thanks again!

@ 180bysummer,

I HAVE to ask ->

What is so difficult and technically challenging about opening your computer case and looking inside that you have to rely on someone else to do it for you?

If you look at the Web Link I provided in posting #12 it contains a detailed picture depicting the difference between a Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable and a Standard (40-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable. If you disconnect the power cord there isn’t anything in your computer case that is going to come out a bite you except maybe some dust bunnies.


I checked it, it’s def. the 80 pin…

Anyone think it could be a software related problem? Nero conflicts?

Nero has a CleanTool on their site, if you wish to run that before doing a clean install of 6.

Trying with another ribbon cable still can’t hurt either (as Single Master remember).