Pioneer 111d not working in Windows

Hey, I recently found out that my Pioneer 111d (1.23 original) doesn’t work in Windows anymore. I -think- this happened after I flashed the bios of my ASUS A8N SLI PREMIUM to ver. 1009, but I’m not certain. I even reinstalled Windows thinking Windows was at fault, but to no avail. (I reinstalled using the 111d… :p)

So, it works fine in DOS. When I try to use it in Windows it just spins up for a short while, and then shuts up. Usually, My Computer locks up and I can’t browse it. Doesn’t work at either DVDs or CDs, unoriginal or not. I checked the DMA mode, and it says it’s in PIO mode? I can’t seem to force it to DMA either. All the settings in the BIOS says DMA mode, but only UDMA 2… I’ll try replacing the IDE-cable.

When I try to flash it with 1.29, it just says Hardware Revision not matched …

Any good tips? Should I flash back to an older ASUS BIOS?

Thanks in advance :wink:

Replace the ide cable!
The drive must run in UDMA4 mode.

Hey. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I replaced the IDE cable, device manager shows UDMA4 but nothing changes. It’s still not functioning properly. Any other ideas? Tried it with both secondary and primary master. I’ve got my NEC3500AG as backup, but it isn’t the best one to backup XBOX 360-games, nor does it burn CDR properly (power calibration error.)

Should I flash back to an older revision of my BIOS? Also, flashing still doesn’t work. Same message. :\



Figured it out, looks like the 1009-revision of my A8N-SLI PREMIUM didn’t like the PIONEER DVR111D. I flashed up to a BETA-revision and now it works just fine. Weird…

Thanks anyways, I’ll be sure to return if I have any future problems (-;