Pioneer 111D not recognized by Windows XP as burner



Hi, I’m a bit of a rookie, but just installed my Pioneer 111D in a Dell Dimension 8250 tower running Windows XP. Basically replaced my old DVD reader with it, using the same IDE cable, and setting it as Master and my CD writer as Slave. According to the Nero Info tool, it is on my secondary IDE channel and
designated as master, and when I put a DVD-R in it Nero identifies the disc as a blank DVD-R. However, my movie production software (Dell Movie Studio, which sucks by the way) does not recognize it nor does windows explorer (shows it as a CD drive unless I insert a produced DVD). Any ideas? The fine folks at Pioneer won’t be around until tomorrow, and I need this thing running today…



You are seeing a normal side effect of Windows. Do check to make sure you are using an 80 wire cable though. 40 wire is asking for problems.


How would I know? The connector has 40 pins, it is the cable that came with my Dell.

If it is Windows, what can I do about it?


buy a flat ribbon 80 wire ide cable. you can get them at your local computer shops like Compusa & Best Buy.


The cables are also known as Ultra 66/100/133 & essential for the Pio to work properly.

Don’t worry about what Windows says, it’s perfectly normal & many new members here have had the same concerns.

As far as your Dell software is concerned I wouldn’t worry about that either as you’re better off burning with Nero anyway.


All the connectors have 40 pin connectors. Generally, the 80 wire cables have a blue connector plugged into the motherboard. If you look at the cable, the 40 wire will be much more ribbed and will look a lot like the cable used for the floppy while the 80 wire is smoother. Do a google search if you need to see a pic.


Thank you all for your help! I am up and running, and now a HUGE fan of CDFreaks!!