Pioneer 111D noisy?

When I’m burning or inserting blank DVD into Pioneer 111D the sound coming out of the drive is noisy like there is a big fan inside. But it burns ok.
Drive is brand new.
Using Nero.
Using Verbatim -16x DVD’s
Almost forgot, when I’m burning DVD-RW drive makes almost no noise.

Yes it is normal. I’ve read numerous reports about the noise, just like mine.
My old BenQ 1620 is so much quieter

My 111D is very quiet, but I have heard noisier ones. I think it just depends on your luck.

…and the used firmware.

…is 1.23.
So why it is noisy on standard DVD-R or +R but not on RW’s???

Isnt that obvious?
DVD±RW has slower speeds and a different technology.

I know about that, but mostly on start of burning when drive starts spining up, same noise appears on ±R but not on RW. So drive is OK or what, should I replace it??? Still has a 1 year warranty, ok 3 weeks less. Almost forgot, sometimes drive ain’t make that noise only on spin up with ±R DVD’s then burns with no noise.

The Pioneer 710/111D I just bought is definitely noisy compared to the 2 Plextors I have/had, but it’s not as loud as you point out. The fan isn’t always on, but I can hear it spinning in the drive. You could try burning your DVDs at a slower speed. I also think warped discs might cause jitter noise too, but if they’re new blanks, I doubt that’s the cause.

It is definately louder than my 1640 , but not that loud anyway :slight_smile:

My Pio 111 is only noisy, when the tray slides in and out. My other burners are much gentler in that respect. On the other hand it is rather silent while it writes if the speed is 6x or less. As far as noise is concerned the NEC 4571 is my best drive.

Right. The noise is only heard when I put a new disc in or out.

I kinda like the noise it lets me know it’s Burning. :slight_smile: It’s not that loud though.