Pioneer 111d + Nexstar2 firewire enlosure = 11mbs burst? Need help

As the title says, i have the Vantec Nexstar2 usb 2 / firewire enclosure with prolific 3507 chipset. Out the box i got a burst of 11mbs thru firewire, and 9mbs thru usb2. I updated to the latest firmware, and got identical burst rates. My drive has 1.19 on it. Do i need to upgrade it to an “external” firmware from TDB or something?

I burnt a movie with dvd decrypter on a verbatim 16x disc, and it took 7 minutes exactly to burn and finalize. Everything was good till it got to like 11.6x, then the buffers started going crazy, bouncing all over the place. The last 10 seconds of the burn it go to like 14.5x.

I also just did that speed test thing in Nero, and i got this: “Can only write at 12x instead of 16 x, because speed of source data is too slow” .

Any suggestions? Do i have a bum drive?

I searched, and found someone else with the same setup, but all they said was that they had no prob with fast dvd burning. Didnt say how fast they were burning.

This prolific chipset needs an update.
There is a big thread about it in this and in the rpc1 forum.

Like i said, I updated the chipset to the latest firmware they have from 5/2006. I read that big thread already/searched thru it. Theres a lot of info about the chipset and different burners, but my pioneer.