Pioneer 111D(new) burns but not reads?

This just installed new internal burner burns data but can not read (shows no disk), but my dell laptop combo (a samsung)reads fine. My old desktop DVD rom (it’s an NEC) does not read either? anything I should try :doh: ? thanks

what brand is the dvd disc that you’re using?

I doubt that it can burn that but not read!

Burn with verify and you will see it yourself.

Check all the threads on proper install procedures. Some 111ds OEM have been defective, but usually on the ability to burn -R media. Read problems are rare if its burning and as Chef says you check the verify block in your burn program. Some improper setups will cause this problem.

I am using TY02 -R media. It was an OEM burner from
Does this burner need a driver software except Nero? or is there an ‘Region code’ Thanks.

Nero is a burning software you could use for burning to cd and dvd with this burner.
Regioncodes have nothing to do with this.